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More Dinners
Cook tasty meals in no time and with minimal effort
Plan your meals rationally
Shop for the ingredients without any stress
How It Works
Choose your favorite meals from our extensive selection
Our app will generate a personalized shopping list for you that includes all the ingredients you need for your meals
While cooking, our app provides step-by-step pictures and guidance to ensure that you make the perfect meal
Finally, enjoy the fruits of your labor with friends and family!
Our meal plans
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the WeCook app?
The WeCook app is designed to help you plan your meals and save money. It creates a list of ingredients that you will need, so you can buy groceries from your local retailer and save money.
How much does the WeCook app cost?
The app costs less than $40 for a subscription, which is less than $1 per week.
Does the WeCook app offer delivery?
Currently, we don't offer delivery, but we are working on it.
What types of recipes does the WeCook app offer?
We offer low-carb, keto, vegan, and more meal plans, so you can find something for everyone.